Like many of our customers, Morinaga is concerned about GMOs. We believe everyone deserves the choice to select non-GM foods. Our tofu products have been produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project’s rigorous standards, including ongoing testing of all at-risk ingredients, facility inspections, and an annual audit to ensure the highest standard of GMO avoidance.
Our choice to use exclusively Non-GMO soy and acquire verification from the Non-GMO Project is only a part of Morinaga’s commitment to bringing you the freshest, purest, and safest foods possible and guarantee your complete satisfaction. It’s our promise to you, your health, and the environment.


In the U.S. many people live with what many experts consider gluten intolerance, experiencing unpleasant symptoms when gluten is consumed. Luckily, soy is a naturally gluten-free ingredient!
Additionally, our factory has a strict allergen control policy. In fact, we do not manufacture any products using gluten-containing ingredients at all and we participate in regular audits to ensure our anti-gluten contamination policies remain consistent and sound.
For more information on Gluten-Free and GFCO:
The Gluten-Free Certification Organization
FDA Gluten-Free Labeling of Foods
Celiac Disease Foundation



All Morinaga tofu and purée products are certified Kosher by the “Kosher Supervision of America” and carry the KSA mark on the front of the box. We participate in annual audits to maintain our Kosher status.
Our KSA certification does not apply to Passover use.
For more information on Kosher and KSA:
Kosher Supervision of America


Our organic tofu product comes from organic crops that are non-GMO, free from synthetic pesticides, and have been grown in conditions the USDA considers to best protect natural resources and the environment. To be certified USDA Organic, our suppliers and manufacturing facilities most undergo regular audits to prove our adherence to Organic standards.
For more information on USDA Organic:
USDA Organic Agriculture